Hongxing impact crusher has changed a little

Hongxing heavy new powerful counterattack crusher rotor design, and strict detection means, to ensure high quality of the rotor. Crusher rotor is a heart, also is theimpact crusher acceptance the most restrictive parts, in the work plays an important role. Our company developed and produced a strong heavy rotor structure to obtain higher moment of inertia. High wear resistant material, and the best crushing cavity, makes the performance of the crusher suffering. And powerful counterattack crusher after counterattack plate adopts the spring safety device, when the gouge into the crushing cavity, fight back, before and after the broken item to escape from the machine to ensure production safety, high efficiency.

The driving system of impact crusher developed by Hongxing heavy industry Machinery is able to effectively improve the starting energy of motor and keep the machine starting in stable state. Belt-driven method plays a double role in over-load protection; one is reducing its motor power required by driving system; the other is greatly reducing operation cost. This driving schedule is economic and practical as well as safe and reliable.

To a certain output size and capacity under the premise of guarantee minimum consumption of power and lining board; Material particle size and uniform size and large processing capacity. Compared Hongxing heavy impact crusher and other crusher equipment, the overall structure and working principle is different, the device is to use impact type, the size and the shape of material more accord with standard of stone. Counterattack crusher has big crushing ratio; Product size is in the shape of a cube can improve the quality of concrete products; Selective crushing and grade of the product, and won wide through structure design can also be a narrow product grade; Excellent performance of iron; Simple structure, convenient maintenance, small vibration, relatively low energy consumption characteristics significantly.

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