How to develop crusher industry is a problem

Overall, crusher industry in China has the problems of highlight overcapacity, low profitability, weak innovation and feeble brand influence, plus the influences of technical superiority and market expansion of developed countries, crusher industry develop difficultly. Therefore, the industry must quickly accelerate the pace of technological innovation and upgrading so that we can seize the opportunities for future development. First to the needs of customers for the idea , to adapt to market and customer needs , positive series of impact crusher normalized , the direction of large-scale development .

Then, what should we do?

First, it is necessary to accelerate the implementation of technical upgrading, rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation, improve production efficiency and value-added products, and gradually realize the crusher industry to high-end direction;

Secondly, we must persist in relying on the international and domestic markets; on one hand, continue to seize the overseas market, especially expand to the emerging market and seek new growth point overseas; on the other hand, we should pay attention to nurture and develop the local market, develop marketable products according to the domestic market needs so that we can meet both domestic and foreign demands, and open up a broader market for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing sector;

Hongxing Heavy Industries keeps producing high-quality cone crusher and dryer machine, it will continue to innovate and develop itself, and lead the other crusher manufacturers to take transformation and upgrading so that to enhance the overall quality, grasp the future trend of the overall pattern in future international competition and meet the worldwide economic structural adjustment. Hongxing jaw crusher machine adopts the cast steel the movable jaw bracket, and after quenching and tempering treatment. Is made of steel spindle, jaw or bracket and so have excellent quality, wear to fight, life is more than three times the hongxing crusher.

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